We specialise in advising in scenarios where third parties may be involved, including to the third party. We can help you to ensure that all parties' rights and obligations are clearly identified and if necessary, addressed, throughout the separation or divorce process.

Navigating third-party interests

Whether it's the division of property co-owned with, or financed by, extended family members or the impact of a break-up upon a business, our team is adept at helping you understand and untangle these complex relationships, to safeguard your interests. We also advise step-parents or other non-biological parents, foster carers and grandparents in relation to parenting and custody arrangements for children.

The involvement of third parties in family law matters requires a sophisticated legal strategy that considers the broader implications of your situation.

Common third-party interests scenarios

  • Property owned with relatives or friends: co-owning property with other persons outside the marriage or de facto relationship. We can find solutions where competing interests are in the mix, so all parties can move forward with clarity.
  • Business interests: divorce and separation can have a ripple effect upon businesses, including those conducted through a partnership, trust or and company. We work with industry experts, accountants and other advisors to protect the health of the business during the family law process and maintain the wellbeing of the family.
  • Debts and family loans: breaking into the property market is tough and as generational wealth is transferred, family law property settlements can often include controversy about how a family loan made to the separating couple is taken into account. We can also advise about how to protect family wealth and inheritances.
  • New partners: claims arising from financial or parenting contributions by partners in new relationships, after a separation or divorce occurs
  • Carers of children – a caregiving relationship with a child by someone who is not a parent.

Our expertise

Our approach to handling third-party interests includes:

  • Identify and analyse: we unpack your situation thoroughly and comprehensively explain where actual or potential third-party interests may feature. Whether you are a member of the couple or the third party who is concerned about your rights, we provide guidance about steps to take to manage the risks and relationships while solutions are reached.
  • Negotiation and mediation: we are highly skilled at negotiation and mediation to achieve resolutions. Considering the needs, interests and rights of all affected parties, we focus on pragmatic outcomes that help avoid prolonged litigation.
  • Legal representation: we robust legal representation in court to advocate for your position and ensure that third-party interests are appropriately considered and protected.

How we can help

  • Strategic advice: offering strategic legal advice tailored to the specific circumstances involving third-party interests, ensuring a thorough understanding of all potential outcomes.
  • Protection of assets: working diligently to protect assets and interests from being unfairly compromised or divided.
  • Documentation and agreements: drafting comprehensive agreements that clearly delineate the rights and responsibilities of all parties, minimizing the risk of future disputes.

Why work with us

  • Specialised knowledge: our expert knowledge and experience in working on complex cases involving third-party interests in family law scenarios will have you feeling confident and reassured
  • Proven success: we have a proven track record of successfully resolving cases involving third-party interests in and out of Court. We can give you clarity to make important decisions to move forward.
  • Client-centred approach: we prioritise your needs and work collaboratively with you, and other relevant experts to achieve a holistic solution. We are straight-talking and focus on practical options as well as legal ones.

Protecting third-party interests

In family law disputes, it's crucial to understand third-party interests and how they might affect a comprehensive resolution of your situation being secured. At Parker Coles Curtis, our expertise in advising you about the rights and obligations of everyone involved will give you clarity and certainty. Contact us to discuss how our expert guidance and representation can assist you.

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