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Why we’re different

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Free separation guide

Free separation guide

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Separation, divorce and family conflict can be tough

We know you might be feeling:
  • Overwhelmed and confused about what comes next
  • Discomfort at living a life ‘on pause’
  • Worried about the cost of separation and divorce
  • Concerned that you will lose control in the legal process

Reclaim certainty during times of upheaval and change

An advocate for you

An advocate for you

We’ll meet you where you’re at, to guide you every step of the way. We listen to you. We’ll talk you through your options and give you clarity to see a way forward.

Expert team with heart

Expert team with heart

You’ll have a team of specialists in family law and dispute resolution behind you. We operate from a place of compassion and work with you to get the best outcome possible.

Empower you with choice

Empower you with choice

We know legal costs and decisions can feel daunting. We’re transparent about our fees and offer a range of service delivery options tailored to your needs and situation.

What our clients say

  • I've spent over two years working hand in hand with Debra and her team on my personal matter. Through difficult and, at times, emotional circumstances, Debra has remained easy to engage with, providing clear and thorough advice from her wealth of experience. I came to enjoy working with her and knew throughout that she understood my situation and respected my position. Her input was always aimed at getting the best results for me.

    As a solicitor who is professional, knowledgeable, caring and understanding, with a mediator's approach to getting the best results, I could not recommend Debra and her team enough.

    Luke B.

  • I cannot recommend Jacquelyn and Cameron highly enough! I reached out to Jacquelyn a few years ago after hearing her on a podcast speaking about co-operative co-parenting . It has been the best decision I have made. Jacquelyn and Cameron were direct and clear about each of my next steps which meant I was confident too. They were always a phone call away and gave me real perspective when things felt like it was all too much. Thank you team!

    Hayley K.

  • Debra and Monica were compassionate, thorough and committed to helping me during such a difficult process. I highly recommend this firm to anyone who is needing legal support to work through their family law matter!

    Katie B.

  • Debra is a great listener, empathetic and friendly. Very supportive, accessible and encouraging through the most challenging stages of the matter. Her legal acumen and strategic direction, supported by an exceptional team come to the fore when the whips are cracking. The team continues to communicate and work hard to full resolution of all aspects of your matter. Very thorough, always follow through and highly professional - far in excess of other experiences I and others have had with other firms. I thank them and thoroughly recommend Parker Coles Curtis.

    Shawn M.

  • I had Catherine Coles as my lawyer in a family matter that was very complex. She was professional and helpful in my case. I was able to reflect deeply on my situation and make hard but logical decisions. I am grateful for her service and highly recommend her.

    C S.

  • Thanks to Parker Coles Curtis for taking on my case three years ago.
    The support you gave me in the initial stages was foundational in helping me have the courage to go through the process.
    Your continuous steadfast advice helped me to back myself even in the most challenging of times.
    The PCC Team was always prompt in responding to all correspondence and making sure I had everything I needed.
    If you need support in all things Family Law, I highly recommend the team at Parker Coles Curtis.

    Anneliese K.

  • I can't recommend Parker Coles Curtis highly enough. The team masterfully managed the simultaneous settlements of the properties we sold and bought. Organising the simultaneous settlement proved to be a bit of a nightmare for PCC given all the parties involved but they ensured everything was completed successfully on time. Most of our dealings were with the ever-attentive Lela, whose easy-going yet professional manner made her a pleasure to work with and took the stress out of the situation for us. Thanks very much PCC!

    Daniel T.

  • I was first connected to Jacquelyn Curtis through a Loungeroom Lawyer session where she not only answered my questions and concerns but made me confident in taking my matter further. Jacquelyn was professional, supportive and encouraging. The Loungeroom Lawyer concept was so convenient for me - a time-poor, working single Mum. I loved the fact that I could meet with a lawyer in the comfort of my own home (in a tracksuit) and get the information and support I needed. Jacquelyn then represented me in a family court case and helped me navigate the complexities of FVO's. I felt supported, safe and extremely well represented. I highly recommend Jacquelyn at Parker Coles Curtis, I will forever be grateful for her support.

    Amanda M.

  • I came to Parker Coles Curtis after a successful case under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction abroad. Having worked with world experts on that matter abroad, I was looking for true experts and professionals in the field of Australian family law matters at home. To date all my expectations have been more than met. Working with the whole team, and especially Monic and Debra, is a real class experience. Everyone is top notch with outstanding law knowledge, professional knowledge, and a witty human touch. I am in the perfect hands for my rather complex family matters. On top of it all Debra is very well connect and can bring in other experts, e.g. migration, to marry different law matters. Overall I really enjoy working with everyone at Parker Coles Curtis and feel I invested in the right top notch people. You are at the right address here if you are looking for the best in the game with outstanding standards and professionalism.

    Addition after Final Court Orders and 599 days after it all started.

    I could not speak more highly of this team and especially Debra and Monica. At the end we settled to our terms and I can see my kid grow up with both parents in Australia. The service all throughout was outstanding during very challenging times and hardship. The team is clearly world class.

    I thank the whole team for significantly improving all our lives and I am super glad we came here. Because of this team we are able to call today the first day of the rest of our lives. This all comes with the best possible outcome.


    Benjamin S.

  • I went to Debra Parker when I was at my lowest most frightening point at the start of my separation and custody battle. Debra got the ball rolling immediately. She was really easy to communicate with, and I almost felt like I was taken under a wing. She is an excellent communicator and was fast in responding, which when you go through such a challenging time is of high importance. When I watched her represent me in court, her presentation was very professional and her communication is empowering. With her by my side I never felt concerned or confused. I always walked away confidently and calm. At the end of my journey with her, I left with strength and a new look on life, and I cannot thank her enough. I highly recommend Debra Parker.

    Vesna P.

  • Liam, Hannah and Christine were absolute saviours in finalising a very lengthy family law battle. I engaged Liam for the final orders as my case was quite complex and after almost 4 years with a different firm, I could not see an end in sight. Liam and his associates worked hard to get my matter finalised in a professional and timely matter and ensuring I had a good outcome for myself and my family. I highly recommend Liam at Parker Coles Curtis for your family law matter, no matter how complex. This is a law firm who actually care more about their clients outcome than lining their pockets.

    Mel R.

  • I can't speak highly enough of Debra, her fellow directors and her staff.

    I commenced my family law matter as a client of one of Canberra's top 3 law firms. I was very unhappy with the direction things seemed to be taking and how much I was being charged. Debra was unavailable the first time I came into the office of Parker Coles Curtis, hence i spoke to Jacquie Curtis.

    Jacquie is lovely, very empathetic and took the time to listen to my issues over a cup of coffee. This made me feel like they really care about their clients.

    On the day of my first court appearance Debra wasn't available, however I was very professionally represented by Catherine Coles, who put me at ease from the start of my proceedings.

    In one court appearance Debra won the day for me, helping me achieve greater time with my son, despite my ex being represented by an experienced family lawyer and barrister.

    My case has now been resolved with Debra helping me to achieve what will soon be equal time with my son and a fair result at property settlement. In what was the most stressful period of my life Debra has helped me to be able to start over and enjoy my life again.

    For those considering going for a lower cost more junior lawyer or a higher cost lawyer of similar experience in one of the top law firms, based on my experience with Debra I have found her and her team to have a wealth of knowledge and be much more efficient than other lawyers, therefore she is also the best value for money option.

    Craig O.

  • Catherine is very professional and efficient. I am grateful to have received her recommendation as her dedication and knowledge enabled me to get a fair result. Thank you, i really appreciate it.

    Raechel R.

  • I highly recommend Debra Parker and her Team. My relocation case was not an easy case, by any means. At all times, and through all stages of my case, I was supported, advised and guided continuously, with the best interest of my child at the forefront. Debra Parker went above and beyond to fight my case, taking pride in her work at every step. Words cannot describe the thanks and respect I have for Debra Parker and her Team!

    When I first presented with my case Catherine Coles clearly outlined my options. Relocation cases are notoriously hard and stressful for all those involved. Catherine Coles believed in me and gave me the tools to fight my case. The advice I was given was professional and considerate of my situation. I couldn’t recommend Catherine Coles enough, understanding, informative and patient. Thank you Catherine!

    Monica Serci takes pride in her work, is very professional and goes above and beyond to support her clients. I highly recommend Monica Serci, her support and service was excellent!

    These ladies know their stuff!!! They take pride in there work and their service to their clients. They are very helpful and informative, offering the best advice with their clients best interests at heart. I cannot recommend Parker Coles Curtis Lawyers enough.

    Kristie H.

  • I knew of Parker Coles Curtis by reputation and sought them out after six months of unsuccessful negotiations in a parenting and relocation matter. Even though I lived interstate, Debra, Madeleine and team were able to advise me, brief counsel and eventually manage litigation to a successful outcome. Debra was pragmatic and supportive throughout and did not overpromise a result in a 'finely balanced' case. I felt that the team took the time to understand the nuances of our situation and cared deeply about the outcome. I saw a high level of strategy and experience go into the preparation of materials and correspondence. I'll be recommending them to everyone I know.

    Erin P.

  • Deb Parker assisted me with my property settlement for my divorce. This was the most confronting and difficult process that I have ever been through, which, as a veteran of two wars, is saying something. From the minute Deb walked into the room and explained the process I felt so much more at ease. She made the negotiation go smoothly, listened and used the information I gave her at the right time. Both parties got an outcome which we are happy with. Deb was able to keep everyone calm, and the support staff in her office were wonderful as well. I highly recommend Deb and the team at Parker Coles Curtis for your mediation matters.

    Sandy F.

  • We've had the pleasure of working with Catherine Coles and Debra Parker for many years as we've navigated the family law system. We know that we are always in safe, positive and effective hands, that is coupled with a team of highly functional individuals. They offer advice, compassion and understanding at all times, and we will always recommend them to anybody needing sound legal advice in this area.

    Gavin C.

  • Could not ask anymore of these girls! I personally had Catherine and wow! So professional and so passionate towards my matter.
    She cares waaay more for the best results possible then the money it cost.

    If I could give 10 stars I would, highly highly recommend!

    ben c.

  • Thank goodness for Parker, Coles, Curtis - they make challenging situations manageable, helping us find a resolution quickly. Catherine Coles, Liam McCarthy and Christine Faithfull were great - excellent advice, caring, and solutions focussed. I’m very happy with the result and unreservedly recommend them.

    Elizabeth A.

  • I engaged Parker Coles Curtis - specifically Jacquelyn Curtis and her team - to handle all aspects of my divorce. The team were exceptionally professional in the way that they handled my case, bringing it to a successful close. I would highly recommend Parker Coles Curtis for any Family Matters.

    Annette V.

  • Family court is a daunting experience. Four years later, every day I am grateful that I stepped through Catherine’s door. Her understanding got me through the worst time of my life and her determination kept me sane. Her professionalism is outstanding and I can full heartily recommend Catherine as a lawyer for any situation.

    S O.

  • Catherine is tenacious advocating on behalf of her clients

    Stephanie I.

  • Catherine is the most incredible, patient and understanding lawyer you could ask for. She knows Family Law inside out and always had my best interests in mind when at times I let emotions take over she kept me focused on the bigger picture and my now bright future thanks to an amazing outcome. !! I cannot recommend Catherine enough. Thank you Catherine for all you support and for achieving such a wonderful outcome for me !! Glenys

    Glenys M.

  • I have found the staff and lawyers at Coles , Parker , Curtis to be very compassionate and very knowledgeable, professional and friendly.
    The team helped me through a very difficult and very uncertain time in my life., with an excellent outcome.

    I would highly recommend this amazing law firm to anyone who is in need of help or advice.
    A 5 star rating is certainly not high enough .


  • Extremely helpful in every way, can't recommend highly enough.

    Scott E.

  • Catherine Cole is an amazing Lawyer and person.
    Catherine made what I thought impossible- Possible. Catherine is fearless and will stand her ground with the experience and the attention to detail to back herself.

    Clayton L.

  • Debra and her team of lawyers not only responded with sound advice in a timely manner but went above and beyond to make sure I felt nurtured and safe during my court proceedings. I would highly recommend her to anyone going through a legal proceeding.

    Cayley W.

  • If it was not for Debra Parker and Alison Boyle (her assistant) I would have died 2 years ago from the shock of dealing with my wife's sudden separation from me in May of 2019. I was thoroughly confused with my separation, and rang Alison for advice, but I didn't have the funds to pay for a lawyer. However, my first consultation with Debra was free at her previous firm, and she so sweetly permitted me to extend the time to get some funds, around 5 months. This was the start of it all.

    Debra handled my case beautifully. I was dealing with some difficult solicitors, both of whom were extremely vicious and believed that my wife was closely related to Joan of Arc. This made life very difficult, almost impossible to deal with. But Debra and Alison kept me sane, with their calming manner and vast knowledge of Family Law. Debra is extremely experienced in matters relating to court appearances and kept my matter out of court to reduce my costs and save my skin.
    I am extremely grateful to Debra and Alison for their wisdom and efforts. My gratitude knows no bounds.
    Thank you Parker Coles Curtis!

    Brian M.

  • From our initial meeting I found Jacquelyn to be highly professional and displayed extensive knowledge of the legal process.
    She demonstrated her exceptional communication skills which greatly assisted me in the process of identifying what was important and how to achieve that. At all times she was a strong advocate for me and what I needed.
    Throughout the many challenges Jacquelyn consistently showed me respect, compassion and kindness.

    Donna M.

  • Amazing lawyers, friendly and very knowledgeable. Jacquelyn has helped me on many occasions regarding family issues and she made me feel comfortable and not forced into anything.

    Kylie D.

  • I am so grateful to have had Jacquelyn represent my matter and truly believe this directly resulted in the most optimal outcome for my child. Jacquelyn is thorough, detailed, considered and empathetic, all the while maintaining focus on the best outcome for a family dynamic during difficult times. Jacquelyn is genuine, sincere, measured and efficient in her approach and was very much a voice of reason and understanding. I wholeheartedly trust her professional insight and judgement and certainly felt much more at ease under her representation. I have recommended Jacquelyn many times over and would not hesitate to seek her guidance.

    Lauren W.

  • Debra Parker was an invaluable resource in protecting my rights. I found her attention to detail and knowledge of family law to be exceptional. Debra and her team got the results I needed. I would highly recommend her. Robert

    Rob D.

  • I cannot speak highly enough of Catherine and Liam. They were great with the advice, support and follow-up. Dealing with family law issues is never easy but Catherine and Liam made the process that much easier and I cannot thank them enough.

    Anthony M.

  • I wish to express my gratitude to Debra Parker’s patience and professionalism as a mediator. Debra was fair and impartial throughout the mediation session. I highly recommend Debra! If you want a matter to settle at mediation then Debra is your person!
    Thank you, Debra!

    Stephanie A.

  • I sincerely would like to thank Debra for her absolute professionalism and expertise in my case. It was a very difficult and very emotional to be in that family law/property situation. Debra and her staff were very kind, compassionate and professional, often assisting, providing advice and helping draft documents at short notice.
    I would recommend the firm and would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone in need of any legal assistance.
    On a personal note, I would like to say a huge thank you to Debra for spending the long hours on my situation,

    Louise D.

  • Where to begin in describing the lifesaving service I received from Catherine Coles, Liam McCarthy and Christine Faithful at Parker Coles Curtis?

    I was recommended by a friend to contact Catherine Coles for legal advice in mid-2021 to start my divorce process after I had been with my partner for 12 years, and I haven't looked back since. It was quite a life shock to have to undertake separation, and do it from overseas, during a once in a generation global pandemic with international borders closed, being made homeless, juggle a demanding full-time job, and manage the many legal, financial and mental health obstacles that were thrown at me.

    From the very first meeting, Catherine showed top-end professionalism, managed expectations in terms of costs and process, but more than anything, demonstrated her empathy and presented herself and her legal team as legal warriors that would be my number one support. Of life's stresses, death is often listed at the top in terms of extreme stress events in one's life, and then divorce. With that stress, it can be complex to unstitch many years of cohabitation, belongings, finances, property, superannuation, or other unknown rights your ex may not wish to afford you. Catherine, Liam and Christine at every corner helped me navigate the complex legal process, and helped me realise I had a value. Seeking legal services from Parker Coles Curtis became an investment in my future, not another cost during life's shock to me.

    I personally struggled to decide what I wanted at separation or what I deserved because I wanted both my ex and I to walk away with a fair separation noting we were an economic unit for those 12 years. But what I was being offered to me by my ex didn't stack up with the legal advice I was receiving from Catherine and Liam at Parker Coles Curtis. Unfortunately, my ex and I were not able to agree on what to separate, and Liam and Catherine supported me during a day of mediation with my partner. This was a day I will never forget and often speak about in support of the seeking legal advice. Imagine a surgeon conducting open heart surgery or Dumbledore waving his wand with awe inspiring spells to save Voldemort from murdering Harry Potter. Parker Coles Curtis Lawyers - same thing! Liam McCarthy waved his legal wand, used his experience, attention to detail and supported me to get a fair financial outcome. I was in safe hands the entire time. The day of mediation was a stressful event, but I was well prepared, kind, flexible, supportive to my ex-partner. Liam and Catherine worked hard behind the scenes and helped lock in a great outcome and we proceeded together with the next phase of my legal journey.

    That next phase involved negotiating divorce papers, court orders, administration with family court, selling a property, and navigating multiple milestones with ongoing support from Parker Coles Curtis. Christine was also a great support in ensuring communication lines were always open, and she helped to always inform me of communication that occurred between Parker Coles Curtis and my ex's legal representation.

    I am genuinely sad that I won't get to speak as often with Catherine, Liam and Christine after finishing my divorce process. But I have arrived at the next stage of my life with some closure, an amicable relationship with my ex and hope for a better future, and I am eternally grateful to Parker Coles Curtis.

    Thank you Parker Coles Curtis. My lifesavers.

    Joseph C.

  • Debra Parker has been an amazing help in my family matter. She is amazing. I would heavily recommend to anyone who needs a family lawyer.

    Daniel A.

  • Debra Parker not only has the extensive experience and skills required to be a first class mediator, she has exactly the right personality to effectively guide parties to reaching a resolution that they can both live with. There is no such thing as result in family law that everyone is happy with, only a result that all parties find acceptable. Debra is an excellent choice for assisting clients to arrive at that destination.

    Carolyn S.

  • I was recommended Jacqueline Curtis by my regular legal representatives after being embroiled as a grandparent in a messy separation with my daughter and her ex husband. Jacqui provided me with expert advice and helped point me in the right direction to initiate contact with my grandangels again whilst being with their father. Her empathy, advice and understanding was just what I needed both to set my mind at ease and to establish contact again. I highly recommend Jacqui and the clerical staff for all their support shown to me! I wouldn't hesitate to contact them at any time if I need help/support again! Highly professional, knowledgeable and highly recommended if you need that type of care/advice during a distressing time.

    Chrissy P.

  • Jacquelyn and the Parker Coles Curtis Team from the outset made entering the Family Law system endurable. Jacquelyn always provided me with objective counsel, and nothing was too much trouble to explain or review. Jacquelyn is a very professional family law lawyer and was always available for all kinds of questions.

    She dealt with my matter impeccably under challenging circumstances. She was honest and transparent in her advice and ultimately got the right outcome for my family.

    Jacquelyn has excellent communication skills and a great personality, coupled with her outstanding legal knowledge. I have since used Jacquelyn to represent my family in a formal adoption process in the Family Court.

    Tim P.

  • Debra & Meg were handling a matter for my partner and I in the Family Courts. They not only won our case, but got us more than we were hoping. We had concerns for the financial aspect of having representation (as i'm sure everyone feels) but came to a very reasonable agreement and payment plan. Parker Coles Curtis are extremely kind, passionate and professional and I would highly recommend them for legal representation.

    Thank you for everything you did for us!


  • Catherine, Cameron and the entire team at Parker Coles Curtis were absolutely brilliant with my divorce matter. Would thoroughly recommend PCC.

    Stephen H.

  • Thankyou Debra and Team for your hard work, professionalism and advice which has delivered excellent outcomes in representing me in difficult times. Your knowledge and experience in addition to your pragmatic and strategic approach is very comforting.

    Greg M.

  • As family members of a long term client of Jacqueline Curtis, I will attempt to adequately praise her and her staff for their outstanding work. At all times, and without exception, Jacquie was highly professional, efficient, insightful and wise, extremely hard working, dynamic and flexible under pressure and considerate and humane when things were tough!!! She is everything you need to succeed!! Sincere thanks to you Jacquie and your staff!

    Ish a.

  • Over the last 2.5 years Jacquelyn has greatly assisted me with my custody agreement, divorce and financial separation. Every step of the way I have appreciated her honest, professional, considered, pragmatic and empathetic advice. I felt confident that I knew the appropriate steps and what options were available to me throughout.
    Jacquelyn is clearly passionate about her work in supporting people through a very daunting and confusing legal process, and I have recommended her to many of my close personal friends.
    Thank you so much to Jacquelyn and the team for all your support. I won't hesitate to continue recommending your services in the future.

    Melanie C.

  • A messy spousal support matter that could have been a real disaster.

    How messy? It went to the Attorney General's Department in the course of proceedings.

    A real win was that a 15 year old USA share transfer nightmare was brought to an end.

    Overall a positive experience.

    Roland I.

  • Debra Parker, and Meg Read, have been amazing through the whole ordeal of my family matter, bending over backwards to assist me and ultimately getting the best outcome for me and my family, can't thank them enough!

    Andrew L.

  • It was good to have professional and very helpful people to support me throughout my case.

    Many Thanks.

    Bety M.

  • Debra Parker is fantastic! I met her 3, 5 years ago when I was going though a very horrible and stressful separation. The advice she gave me was the best advice for my very young children. I took her advice and can't thank her enough for what she did as my children today are happy and stable. She guided me through it all and was very understanding of my financial limitations. Debras professionalism and expertise is second to none and I was extremely happy with what the outcome was! I highly recommend her.

    kerry k.

  • I have worked with Debra for the past two years in regards to both property settlement and custody issues.

    Debra is very adept at explaining what your options are, in language that you can understand. This enables you to take control, and work with Debra to get the best outcome for you and your family.

    Debra takes a genuine interest in her clients and I have always felt well supported by Debra.

    I recommend Debra to anyone who is looking for high quality advice, good results and a caring touch.

    Sara B.

  • A very good experience dealing the Debra and the team. Friendly, efficient and very professional.

    Graeme B.

  • Dear Catherine
    I am grateful to your charismatic, genuineness effort that you have put on my property settlement, all the way to the end. Without you, ot wouldn't have been easy to do it myself.

    Lakshmi W.

  • The highest praise for Debra Parker would not be enough to describe her professionalism compassion and responsiveness to my situation. The support, advice and guidance she provides is second to none and the adaptiveness to accommodate my needs helped support me to keep fighting for what was right. I had to deal with three different lawyers over the journey and her support gave me the resilience to stand my ground on a just and equitable outcome to which we both achieved. Her knowledge of family law and results gives you great confidence and I highly recommend her organisation to provide a first-class legal service.

    Matthew C.

  • Parker Coles and Curtis arrived in my life at precisely the right time.

    Debra acknowledged my concerns, fears and my complex issues. They navigated a Family Law system that in my opinion needs reform to the best of their ability to assist me.

    Debra took me on from former representation and when I was in an overwhelming and threatened state. Debra was my voice of reason and my compass.

    I now have certainty and a future thanks to Debra, Maddie and Karen who are the perfect team to obtain the best outcome.

    Leonie H.

  • It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with Alison at Parker, Coles, Curtis with my recent property purchase in Canberra. Residing in NSW I was not familiar with ACT procedures. Parker Coles Curtis made it a breeze, thanks Alison. Highly recommended.

    Leanne O.

  • I consulted Jacquelyn Curtis on a binding financial agreement. Jacquelyn was highly knowledgeable and took the time to understand our situation before providing advice. The time taken by Jacqui to go through all the possible options and outcomes including case exemplars was greatly appreciated and allowed me to have a holistic picture of where I stood. I highly recommend Jacqui for her professionalism, knowledge and empathy. Will be using Jacqui and Parker Coles Curtis again when required.

    Sarah O.

  • Catherine, and all the office staff were very helpful and responsive. Catherine was empathetic to my situation and efficiently resolved my issue. I highly recommend her she's a fabulous Lawyer.

    Nic J.

  • An absolutely professional organisation. Compassionate and responsive to my particular circumstances. Debra Parker with her years of experience and excellent judgement achieved a really positive outcome in my case for which I am extremely appreciative. I highly recommend Parker Coles Curtis as a first class legal service provider of choice.

    Tina R.

  • Debra Parker is an exceptional family lawyer. I cannot praise her highly enough! From the moment I met her she worked very hard on my family law matter, from representing me in court right through to mediation to then getting me the absolute best parenting and financial settlement court orders. Debra was extremely professional, empathic, no-nonsense, fast, meticulous with her attention to legal detail and made me feel protected, calm and in the absolute safest hands. I cannot recommend her highly enough!! Her team also - Monica and Jacquelyn are also extremely capable lawyers who make the whole team an absolute pleasure to have dealt with. If I could give more than 5 stars I absolutely would. Thank you!

    Ashby N.

  • Debra is like a friend who tells you how it is and not what you want to hear. That's a good friend to have. She will tell you the truth and manage your expectations. She is very experienced, smart and strategic. Really all the qualities you want in a lawyer. She has a great team behind her and I've had a positive experience when dealing with everyone in her office. I knew nothing of the legal system when I first picked up the phone and Debra has patiently explained it to me, walked me through the possibilities of the outcomes as she has navigated through the twists and turns. I've felt lucky to have her represent me in court and I'm really impressed with how she performs in that setting. Each time I deal with her my choice is confirmed that she was definitely the right lawyer for me. Oh and don't worry if you cry all the way through your meetings as I have done, Debra never makes you feel bad about it. I think she has really seen it all before. This is not the end of my journey but I'm more than happy with my team captain.

    Chloe H.

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