Our free 15-minute chat with a lawyer connects you with one of our experienced lawyers who will get to know you and your situation. We know that choosing a lawyer is an important decision. We want to develop a relationship with you so that you can feel at ease and confident in us. We cannot provide legal advice during this chat but will give direction about practical and procedural things you can do that will serve your best interests. If you are unsure about where to begin, this chat is a perfect place to start.

At one of our fixed-fee initial consults you can expect to receive in-depth advice from us about family law issues you are experiencing. We understand that meeting a lawyer for the first time may be daunting, so we are pleased to offer you certainty about our fee. Our consults are thorough and typically last for an hour, depending on the range and complexity of issues to be discussed. You will leave our office with a clear plan for the way forward including next recommended steps, referrals to other professional support services and a better understanding of the process ahead.

Ahead of the event, Debra will canvass with all parties the structure of the mediation. The discussions need to be safe and constructive. Debra adjusts how the mediation is to be conducted to achieve this – whether it is everyone around the same table, everyone in the same office but in different rooms (shuttle style) or even conducted via telephone or video-link.

At the beginning of the mediation, Debra will meet with you and explain her role as mediator. She may meet at times meet just with the lawyers (if they are involved) to narrow down the issues in dispute. Throughout the course of the day, she may meet with parties together, or in individual ‘break out’ sessions to gain an understanding of your needs, objectives and key values. In this way she identifies possible roadblocks to resolving your matter and then works through them with you and the other party. Debra can facilitate the exchanging of offers between parties and provide feedback about proposals (although she leaves it to your lawyers to give you the legal advice). Time permitting, Debra can assist you to legally document your agreement.

We are based in Central Canberra and proudly service the Canberra, Yass, Queanbeyan and regional NSW communities surrounding the Nation’s Capital.

We embrace the utility of technology in delivering our services – which means we can assist you wherever you are based. We have clients from all corners of Australia and internationally too.

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